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Empowering Agri-business through SatSure’s Automated Farm Boundary Delineation

Globally, with over 570 million farms in operation, the significance of ‘farm boundary’ is not overstated. For individual land parcels or on a larger scale, data collection usually precedes consideration of boundaries, leaving themore

Empowering Financial Inclusion in Indian Agriculture

In the heart of India’s agrarian landscape, where over half of the population is occupied in agriculture, lies a persistent challenge: making credit accessible to all. The importance of credit as a critical input to agriculture is reinforcedmore

SatSure Super Resolution: Navigating the Dynamic Application Landscape

In our previous blog, we explored how SatSure Super Resolution is enabling valuable insights without impacting your budgets. We dived deep into the transformative impact of the commercialization of the downstream sector, and how satellite imagerymore

Top Tech Trends in Aviation Industry in 2024 and Beyond

First off, if you’re wondering why you haven’t heard much from me before, it’s because I’m not your typical social media aficionado. But in this article I will be breaking my silence to dive into a topic that lights a fire inmore

Exploring Edge Computing for Earth Observation Satellite Imagery

The first crude satellite image of the Earth was captured on August 14, 1959, by the U.S. Explorer 6 taken at an altitude of around 27,000 kms (17,000 mi) crossing over Mexico. It shows the sunlit area of the Central Pacific Ocean and its cloudmore