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SatSure Agri Digitisation Story #2- Improving Sales Efficiency for Farm Equipment-as-a-Service Model

Finding the Right Fit The growing competition and the advancement of technology has led farm machinery companies globally to innovate on technology and business models. One such business model idea is farm equipment-as-a-service model, where anymore

SatSure Agri Digitisation Story #1- Tackling Cloud Cover Challenge for Crop Phenotyping

The Indian seed industry has grown and  evolved over time. Earlier, seeds were saved from previous crops to be used for upcoming seasons. Today, hybrid seeds are being widely adopted due to increasing food demand. As of 2021, the Indian seedmore

Role of Open Data in the Geospatial World

Written by Arjun Gangadharan, Team Lead- Geospatial Operations at SatSure Why do I need to contribute to open data? Well, the valid question is, why should I share my data with everyone, which I created with my money, which I put my time into themore

Barriers to Building a Downstream EO Business Using Hi-res Optical Satellite Imagery

Many thought leaders have often been vocal in their stand for bringing about a disruption in the upstream Earth Observation (EO) segment. As many of our industry peers have also figured out, performing analytics over large areas for commercialmore

Tackling Moral Hazard In Insurance Loss Assessment

A report by Swiss Re states $202 billion in global economic losses from natural and man-made catastrophes in 2020, of which secondary perils drove around 70%. The general description of primary and secondary perils in the insurance industry is thatmore

Five Years and Counting at SatSure

Building a startup from scratch is often compared with bringing up a child. Entrepreneurship is no walk in the park as it can be extremely challenging to solve a problem with your own solution and also make othersmore